Macro Quarks

LBMA Latest Values | 2023-12-28
Gold Prices
AM: USD 2077.8 | PM: USD 2078.4
Silver Prices
USD 23.79

Is this a club for the elite and sophisticated investor?

Is this a club for the elite and sophisticated investor?

No. On the contrary, this platform is for everyone who is passionate about their independence and who wants to have an alternative to the current banking system in regards to saving and using the wealth generated from those savings on their own terms, with likeminded participants. This is real money, not fiat currency, and it is recognized everywhere in the world. The precious metal is kept in safety while members exchange it digitally. There is no credit, in other words, one simply cannot exchange more than what they own. Credit risk and fraud, to a very large extent, are eliminated from the beginning. All accounts are funded by real and existing precious metals; therefore, the account value is fully backed. Accounts cannot be activated in a transactional setting if the buying (or sending) member no longer owns a precious metal.

Consider this service platform a club. We are all members and on the same side. When buyers and sellers, as well as senders and receivers, are all on the same team, technology, accounting, fraud prevention, pricing, and liquidity work more efficiently and to the benefit of all participants. We look for and encourage long-term relationships irrespective of the savings and transactional habits of our members.

Over the past 35 years or so, investing has become more accessible. It is easier than ever for regular folks to participate in the capital market on a global scale.

Using gold and silver is a continuation of this trend, and it truly empowers the people, and it is not exclusive to the wealthy elite, government, and interest groups. Macro Quarks takes it to the next level by helping people exchange goods and services using their physical precious metal. During a typical transaction, the ownership of the existing precious metals changes, but the amount of metal—by weight—subject to transaction does not change or go anywhere until and only if the new owner decides to request delivery, for whatever reason. Records of ownership change with each transaction, either in full or partial weight of the already existing precious metal.

It is blockchain-like but without the downsides and complications of crypto mining, etc. And the advantage is, these transactions would not be possible if not for the digital environment encompassing existing physical metal, as not only carrying precious metal has its obvious risks, parties won’t be able to determine the purity, weight, etc., of precious metal. Macro Quarks only buys and accepts precious metal from LBMA approved and current good delivery list participants.