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LBMA Latest Values | 2023-12-28
Gold Prices
AM: USD 2077.8 | PM: USD 2078.4
Silver Prices
USD 23.79

What is different/special about you?

What is different/special about you?

Contrary to other financial institutions like banks, brokerages, and FinTechs that collect your data, we are not interested in verification of assets, nor income level, not even your perceived risk aversion and investment prowess and specific retirement goals.

We stick to what we know; that is, long-term relationship building and consistent saving in the form of precious metals. In fact, we have one core goal: perfect our business model, which is time tested and proven but inherently different from all alternatives in terms of dependence on credit and demand manipulation. We bring real money to everyday use by anyone who is interested in saving money using our platform.