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LBMA Latest Values | 2023-11-28
Gold Prices
AM: USD 2014 | PM: USD 2025.65
Silver Prices
USD 24.65

What makes you think this is going to work?

What makes you think this is going to work?

It is easier for governments to steal paper money than hard assets. Outside of Roman coinage, for more than 300 years, no currency in the western world has reigned supreme, save those actually made of gold. Fiat currency is merely a “promise to pay” and coupled with fractional reserve lending at the bank level, there are not enough hard assets to redeem US T bills on the entire planet. Everyone believes it will work, right up until it does not.

We promote precious metal physical ownership. Precious metals are stored for exchange and value. Negative interest rates are the destroyer of value, while gold acts as protection from central bankers. We believe gold & silver are money, and as such, must be treated that way. Gold is money of last resort—it is the most marketable asset! This is not only investing, it is saving. Gold is a hedge against uncertainty. Central banks produce demand by producing credit. This is a way to stay out of tumult and stay focused on actual savings. While members continue to save, be it in the form of the smallest possible weights like half a gram gold, or a gram of silver, they are also able to unleash and use the value appreciation of their hard assets over the platform in exchange for goods and services.