Macro Quarks

LBMA Latest Values | 2023-11-28
Gold Prices
AM: USD 2014 | PM: USD 2025.65
Silver Prices
USD 24.65


Fully-Accessible Precious Metals Market in the Palm of Your Hand

Buy gold, sell gold and other precious metals instantly from a customized mobile app.

Don’t Just Save in Gold — Pay in Gold

Convert your fiat currency into gold instantly and use it to pay in gold at participating vendors and merchants around the world. Convert as little or as much as you like and grow your gold savings balance — due for long-term appreciation and resistance to financial fluctuations and shocks.

Stop Getting Skimmed by Banks

No PCI compliance fees,network access fees or interchange. Convert to gold now and stop getting ripped off at the ATM,through credit cards and with wire transfer fees, surcharges and access and currency exchange.

Hedge Against Market Volatility

With the economy due for inflation post COVID-19, there is no better time to hedge against the financial crisis by converting fiat currency into a valuable asset that can be liquidated anytime.

Experience Greater Purchasing Power

As inflation grows, your gold will continue to hold its value and be reflected by fiat currency. Use your gold in retail to leverage its purchasing power as the price of goods increases over time.

Unrivaled Anonymity

With Macro Quarks, your gold is your business. Live within means while saving for the future and remain anonymous to protect yourself from identity theft and fiat currency fraud. Macro Quarks never asks for your “investment profile”, “risk aversion”, “income”, “spending habits” or sells your account or personal information.

Take Advantage of the Gold Market Instantly

Like the capital market, the gold market also fluctuates — but to the general advantage of the asset holder. When the value goes down, it presents an exceptional buying opportunity for when the value inevitably goes up — and offers additional purchasing power.

Don’t Trust Banks? We Don’t Blame You

Macro Quarks is the ideal solution for unbanked or under-banked asset holders who prefer to keep their assets out of the hands of banks and utilize them at their discretion.

Gold: the Universal Currency

The Macro Quarks gold currency system is designed to leverage the global market demand for precious metals to the advantage of individuals, businesses and vendors. As our platform takes hold around the world and becomes an authorized purchaser of the United States Mintand other direct suppliers, members will enjoy a decrease in membership premiums and a universal alternative to fiat currency.

Save At An Early Age

One of the difficulties facing young investors and those wishing to save is the fragile commitment to fiat currency and its underlying financial volatility, which can lead to a loss of savings or asset devaluation. With Macro Quarks, saving in gold is a natural endeavor that reasserts itself through reliable and independent value every day.

Go Gold and Never Look Back

Macro Quarks is offering a free trial membership which allows you to experience the benefits and advantages of liquid gold currency at no cost. Buy, sell, and pay in gold and silver at participating vendors around the world to save money while focusing on your long-term wealth building goals.

Global Funds Transfer Process

Instant funds transfer can be performed between members including individual and merchant transactions if the receiving party agrees to total amount and form of payment, whereby ownership of the existing gold and silver within any account can be instantly transferred from sender to receiver. While the precious metal will remain unmoved, safe and secure, the ownership of the agreed asset value—partial or in full—will switch from sender to receiveR.