Macro Quarks

LBMA Latest Values | 2023-05-26
Gold Prices
AM: USD 1953.5 | PM: USD 1947.9
Silver Prices
USD 23.145
Macro Quarks

Reinventing the Gold Standard in a Digital Era

Return to the Gold Standard and Access GoldLiquid Currency Anywhere, Anytime Without Interchange Fees. Macro Quarks Makes Precious Metals an Accessible Currency Anywhere in the World.

Gold has always been a currency you can trust, but until now, it’s also been an impractical currency in everyday life. Instead, gold has long been considered a strong savings asset — one which appreciates over time and is resistant to market shocks and fiat currency fluctuations.

But what if you could replace fiat currency with gold just as easily as you could purchase it and store it away? What if gold and other precious metals could be used as everyday currency without being subjected to usage and interchange fees, as if it were like cash in your hand?

Macro Quarks is a financial technology pioneer that allows you to do just that. OurPrecious Metal Currency System makes it possible to purchase or exchangegold and silver and use it as currency all through a single platform. Utilizing the global demand and well-accepted economic value of gold and silver, Macro Quarks provides an end-to-end value chain based on theintrinsic value, global acceptance and purchasing power of precious metals — and offersthe ideal platform for simplified wealth building and an alternative payment method to fiat currency.


In physics, a quark is a subatomic particle that is fundamental to the structure of an atom, which are the building blocks of all the molecules around us. While molecules can be broken down into atoms, the atoms themselves remain intact — because at their heart, quarks are impenetrably bound to the subatomic particles around them.

In essence, an investment in gold is an investment in the very foundation of value. There is no stronger, more formidable or resilient form of currency in the world. Gold has a historical global demand, and in a world of countless fiat currencies and digital currencies — gold and silver are growing stronger than ever.

Fully-Accessible Precious Metals Market in the Palm of Your Hand

Buy gold, sell gold and other precious metals instantly from a customized mobile app.

Don’t Just Save in Gold — Pay in Gold

Convert your fiat currency into gold instantly and use it to pay in gold at participating vendors and merchants around the world. Convert as little or as much as you like and grow your gold savings balance — due for long-term appreciation and resistance to financial fluctuations and shocks.

Stop Getting Skimmed by Banks

No PCI compliancefees,networkaccess fees or interchange. Convert to gold now and stop getting ripped off at the ATM,through credit cards and with wire transferfees, surcharges and access and currencyexchange.

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