Macro Quarks

LBMA Latest Values | 2020-08-14
Gold Prices
AM: USD 1948.3 | PM: USD 1944.75
Silver Prices
USD 26.705

What makes you think this is going to work?
It is easier for governments to steal paper money than hard assets. Outside of Roman coinage, for more than 300 years, no currency in the western world has reigned supreme, save those actually made of gold. Fiat currency is merely a “promise to pay” and coupled with fractional reserve lending
Do you have an International presence and scale?
Yes. This is a global firm, and we accept clients from all over the world with sourcing and vaults (depositories) that are equally global. While we roll out in phases, the goal is to exchange goods and services and transfer funds globally among the members and participating vendors and merchants.
Why now?
There has never been a better time than now, and honestly, it could very well be long overdue. Enough with the political discourse, the hidden tax of inflation, special interest groups, lobbies, asset bubbles, ballooning debt, bailouts, volatility in house prices, shorting against recommendations, reliance on derivatives. By now, we
Is this a club for the elite and sophisticated investor?
No. On the contrary, this platform is for everyone who is passionate about their independence and who wants to have an alternative to the current banking system in regards to saving and using the wealth generated from those savings on their own terms, with likeminded participants. This is real money,